Three Reasons Women Benefit from Training BJJ

women-bjj-renoFor women, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is touted as a way to “learn how to protect yourself.” And while that’s obviously true, it’s also a gross understatement. Here are three reasons women benefit from training BJJ – beyond self defense.

You can do it, no matter your size

Oh, you’re not 6’2 and pushing 220 pounds? No problem! Bring your 5’3 (or insert personal specs here) frame on down, because jiu-jitsu is the great equalizer. You don’t need to be a huge, muscly dude to be successful in this contact sport, because here’s the thing about BJJ. It’s based on technique, not on strength, which means the weaker, smaller opponent can dominate the bigger, stronger ones simply by virtue of experience and strategy.

it teaches you to appreciate your body

Too many women spend their lives trying to measure up to an unattainable ideal of physical perfection. BJJ is an incredible way to learn about the amazing things your body is capable of – that have nothing to do with how it looks in a bathing suit. It’s incredibly empowering to choke someone out with those strong thighs, or to use your flexible shoulders to escape that kimura.

And here’s a bonus – training BJJ is a killer workout. So not only will you be appreciating what your body can do today, you’ll be improving your physique even as you hone your grappling abilities.

it reinforces gender equality

Because it’s a technique-based sport, jiu-jitsu reinforces gender equality, without even trying. On the mat, we are all equal and the focus is on ability, not gender. In a world where women are still told to act like a lady and scolded for doing things considered to masculine for the girls, it’s refreshing to find a level playing field.

While this is absolutely the case at Guerrilla BJJ here at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy in Reno, we can’t vouch for every school. Make sure you sit in on a few classes to check the dynamic before pulling the trigger on a membership.

It can be intimidating for a women to walk into her first BJJ class, especially when it’s mostly filled with men. But don’t let fear get the best of you. At Guerrilla in Reno, we welcome everyone, and it’s always our goal to make students feel welcomed. If you’re interested in starting your BJJ journey, we hope you’ll start it here. Check out our introductory offer, come in to check out a class, or contact us with questions.

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