This is One of the Fastest Ways to Improve in BJJ

bjj-guerrilla-jiu-jitsu-renoPop quiz – what are you thinking about during BJJ training or sparring? If it’s a variation thoughts like the ones we’re sharing down post, then we have a tip that will change your game. Read on for one of the fastest ways to improve in BJJ.

where does your mind go?

Thoughts like “I’m just trying to survive” and/or “I have no idea how to get out of this” are both telling in that they illustrate unique flaws in your approach. When you find yourself stuck in the same submission again and again, and you can’t pinpoint what you’re doing wrong or what you can do to counter or escape, are you thinking, “I always get stuck here!”? Whatever it is you’re thinking, do your best to remember it. Because being aware of these thoughts – and what’s prompting them – is the first step in breaking habits (the ones that get you stuck in the same spot) and working toward solutions.

the thinking man’s martial art

Brazilian jiu jitsu is poetically described as the thinking man’s martial art, and it’s an accurate description. It’s as much a mental game as it is physical, and you can begin to cultivate the mental side with this handy tip.

Write down the questions you mentally ask yourself during sparring and training. And then take steps to answer those questions.

If you think, “I always get stuck here,” then the solution is twofold. You want to learn why this is a sticking point (ha), and what you should do to prevent or counter it.

If you think, “I have no idea how to get out of this,” then your uncertainty is showing. A solution is asking the instructor or your training partner for their input.

Seeing the pattern here? Identify the problem, find a solution.

changing your thinking

As you begin tracking your thoughts, you should also put some effort into changing your thinking. Ask yourself what you can do right now, in this moment. Tell yourself why you’ll never get stuck here again. Changing your thinking is the first step in changing your actions, and the upshot there is a different result.

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