Here’s How BJJ Really Prevents Bullying

For parents and schools alike, bullying is an issue with no easy fix. But understanding the difference between bad behavior and true bullying is an important place to start. Kids, like anyone, can behave badly. That action becomes bullying when the behavior is both recurring and harmful either mentally or physically. And while parents, coaches and teachers […]

3 Reasons Pretty Much Everyone Should Start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

It’s officially spring, and if you stumbled a bit on those fitness-related New Year’s resolutions, you may be thinking about starting fresh. We love that idea, but before you re-up at the gym or start researching local 10ks, take a few minutes to think about something different. Here are three reasons pretty much everyone should start […]

21 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Choosing a BJJ School

After visiting websites and reading online reviews, you’ve found a few BJJ schools in Reno that are worth checking out. That’s an important step – to really understand a school’s dynamics, you absolutely need to see them in person. So after you’ve seen the schedule, picked a class time and made plans to show up […]

Three Reasons Your Age Doesn’t Matter When you Start BJJ

Website analytics can be amazingly informative, and guess what ours say? A lot of the folks visiting the Guerrilla BJJ site are anywhere from early 40s to mid 50s. And we’re guessing that they’re looking for answers to questions about starting BJJ later in life. Well, good news. Here are three reasons your age doesn’t matter when […]

Do I Have to Compete in Tournaments if I Start BJJ?

If you’re considering BJJ, or you’ve already begun, you may be wondering whether competing in tournaments is an essential part of the BJJ experience. Maybe you wonder if it’s mandatory to have competed for a promotion to a black belt. The short answers are no, you don’t have to compete, and no, it’s not required […]

Is My Six Year Old Ready for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Plug any age into that title – five, seven, nine, twelve – and the answer will be the same. In most cases, starting a child age five and older in BJJ is a good move. Here’s how to know if your six year old is ready for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. is it too physical? Kids naturally resort […]

3 Things to Know Before You Start BJJ

Starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an exciting, potentially nerve-wracking experience. But that’s just because trying anything new and different is often a little intimidating. If you’ve done your homework to find the right BJJ school for you, then you’ve probably already settled on a place that suits your personality and schedule. Nice work! Now that […]