3 Things to Understand Before You Begin BJJ

More and more people are thinking about training in BJJ. Some of them are looking for something empowering, or a way to improve their fitness and discipline. Some are exploring it as an option for their children. Here at Guerrilla BJJ in Reno, we welcome them all with open arms. And to help you make it the initial experience as successful as possible, we’re sharing three things worth understanding before you begin BJJ.

You’ll Work Hard

Of course, you already expect this to be challenging. But people who are used to spin class or weight lifting or soccer practice aren’t always prepared for the functional, full-body training experience that is a BJJ class. Plan to leave sweaty, physically drained, and generally exhilarated. This really is a workout on another level, but you’ll likely be so focused on following directions that you’ll only distantly notice how hard you’re working — until it’s all over. Keep coming back, and you’ll eventually find that you’re trimming up your physique, dropping body fat, improving endurance and flexibility, relieving stress, and getting much better at rolling.

BJJ is as much a mental exercise as it is physical. That’s amazing from a fitness perspective, because you’re so focused on strategy and technique that you’ll find yourself working to failure. Thus, you get stronger.

You’ll Need to Drop the Ego

Tapping is a safety measure, but it’s also a lesson in humility. As a beginner, you’ll be tapped by people of all shapes, sizes, belt ranks, and genders. It’s an inevitable and very important part of the experience. Park the ego and the door and embrace the lesson! Yes, it can be disheartening, and yes, you may worry that you’re learning nothing. But believe us when we say that you most certainly are learning. Pay attention, and you’ll discover things about your personal technique limitations, weak spots in your defense, and your rolling game overall. And isn’t that a good thing?

You’ll Start Like Everyone Else — As A White Belt

Everyone starts as a white belt, no matter what skills or experience you bring to the table. Watch, learn, be respectful, take constructive criticism, fail, pick yourself up, keep trying, and you’ll progress. It’s really that simple.

Taking the First Step

For so many people, getting on the mat the first time is the hardest part. You may feel intimidated or nervous or out of shape or too old or too young. There are a million reasons not to do it. But if you’re interesting in training, all you need is that one reason to get started. And at Guerrilla, we can help make that happen. Start with our introductory offer, come and visit the school, meet our instructors, watch a class — whatever you need to do to get yourself on the mat. Because we have a hunch that you belong here.

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