How Early is Too Early for Kids to Start BJJ?

kids-bjj-reno-guerrilla-freestyleBrazilian jiu jitsu is exploding, and with more kids joining the sport, a common question relates to timing. Parents want to know, how early is too early for kids to start BJJ? The sheer physicality of the sport is an obvious consideration, but here’s what else to think about.

old enough to grapple?

Guerilla Jiu Jitsu at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy in Reno offers classes for children as young as five. All of our youth classes are designed to engage kids with a mix of drills and games, which reinforce specific techniques while encourage cooperation and communication. What does that mean for a five year old? Our instructors are trained to offer directions and instruction in an age-appropriate way, so that even five year olds start learning technique through repetition. At this age, the focus is on laying a foundation, learning to listen and focus, and having fun.

how early is too early?

A valid concern for some parents is that their child will lose interest if they’re started too early. This is something that can happen with any activity, especially when children feel that their parents have too much invested in their performance.

BJJ can help promote mental clarity and strength, encourage social growth and encourage emotional development. Participating in BJJ in a balanced manner – something dictated by the instructors and the school – can be a wonderful way for kids to learn to deal with their feelings. Experts have recommended that children of five or six years old are prepared to take martial arts classes, including BJJ, but that competitions should be delayed until 8 to 10 years of age. That’s when they’re more likely to have the maturity to deal with feelings of defeat or frustration. Plus, they’ll be more capable of following the rules and enjoying the satisfaction of doing so.

the best advice

Both you and your child are welcome to sit in on a kids’ BJJ class at Freestyle Martial Arts. You can meet our instructors, check out the facility and even try out a class to decide if your child is ready to start training. That’s the very best way to make a decision.

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