Reno’s Best Place for Teens to Roll

guerrilla-bjj-reno-teen-classWe’ve written extensively about starting BJJ later in life. But what about starting to roll as a teenager? Imagine walking into a room full of adults for your very first BJJ class, or facing a room full of kids half your size. Neither scenario is ideal, which is exactly why we created a teens class at Guerrilla BJJ. It’s Reno’s best place for teens to roll, and here are three reasons why.

The In-between stage

Just like they are off the mat, teenagers aren’t kids anymore, yet they’re not quite adults. That’s exactly what we wanted to address when we decided to create an atmosphere where boys and girls in that in-between stage can feel comfortable to learn. In our teen class, students are free to work hard without worrying that they’ll accidentally hurt a smaller kid, and they don’t have to deal with the frustration or intimidation that can result from rolling with a much larger adult.

the peer group

Another benefit of the teen class at Guerrilla BJJ is the inadvertent social environment that arose. Turns out, teenagers are much more likely to ask questions and engage in the learning process when they’re surrounded by peers instead of adults. It removes the anxiety that comes with being the youngest, most inexperienced person in the room, and we’ve noticed that even the quiet teens are much more likely to speak up in these classes.

building bonds

And then there’s the bonding aspect. Social interaction is a given in a school setting, but it can be overwhelming and tense with so many different dynamics at play. Being able to interact with peers in a small setting and with the benefit of shared goals – learning a new technique, for example – paves the way for creating bonds between training partners. It also helps alleviate some of those awkward teenage feelings.

Picking up BJJ at any age can be intimidating, but doing it in a room full of peers definitely helps. Bring your teenager to Guerrilla BJJ in Reno to meet our instructors, sit in a class, and decide whether our teen class is a good fit. We’re betting it is.

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