Looking for a Reno BJJ School? Start Here.

If you’re looking for a Reno BJJ school, you have options. So where do you begin? How do you narrow down your choices to a short list of school that will suit your schedule and offer the right training approach? First, read this. And then read on to see why Guerrilla BJJ is a great place to start your search.

guerrilla-bjj-reno-signs-of-improvementour approach is different

Guerrilla BJJ has a unique approach to Brazilian jiu jitsu, one that incorporates wrestling and Judo for true holistic take on this gentle art. The benefit of this slant on instruction is that it works equally well for both sport and combatives (self-defense), which makes for exceptionally well-rounded students. Whether you’re into BJJ for its competitive element or for real-world scenarios, Guerrilla BJJ instruction will get you there. And that’s true in both our kids BJJ and our adult classes. And speaking of kids and adults…

we have classes for everyone

If you’re looking for classes for you, your surly teen, or your kid, you’re in luck. Guerrilla BJJ is part of Freestyle Martial Arts Academy in Reno, so we have an excellent training facility and classes scheduled just for children, teens and adults. You’ll find students of all ages and backgrounds rolling at Guerrilla.

Our black-belt instructors are highly skilled, and their instruction is always tailored to their audience. With beginners, our instructors focus on developing a core skill set, which is alway done in an age-appropriate manner. With experienced practitioners, our instructors troubleshoot, refine skills, and introduce threaded systems.

we roll with everyone

That’s one of the tenets of Guerrilla BJJ – making this amazing sport accessible to everyone. We welcome everyone to our mats, and we do our very best to be sure that all students feel welcome and encouraged here. No ego, no intimidation. Just a place to learn and grow.

It’s normal for beginners to feel a little intimidated when they try something new, trust us – that’s a feeling that will go away pretty quick when you’re rolling here at Guerrilla.


The best way to find the right BJJ school is physically walking in. Sure, spend some time looking online and reading reviews, but to make a final decision, you have to check out a school in person. Have a look at our schedule and then come in to watch a class. That way, you can meet the instructors, tour the school, and start getting a feel for whether Guerrilla is right for you or your family. If everything checks out, take advantage of our getting started offer.

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