6 Specific Ways Kids Benefit from BJJ

There are endless activities for kids in Reno, and it can be argued that they all offer some kind of benefit. Maybe it’s learning the value of teamwork or just getting some fresh air. But when it comes to Brazilian jiu jitsu for kids, there’s a lot of value. Here are six specific ways kids benefit from BJJ.

They Learn to Tune Into their Own Bodies

It’s called body awareness, and it’s a skill worth knowing. BJJ has been called the thinking man’s martial art, and it’s true. Techniques are the result of countless small details. To be successful, you need to focus. Focusing on teeny tiny details relating to where their body needs to be in relation to an opponent teaches kids how to become hyper aware of their bodies, and it has an interesting cascading effect. Learning the basics exercises fine motor skills and helps kids develop an intuitive understanding of balance and foundation. From there, coordination improves as neuromuscular connections begin building. It’s impressive to watch on the mat, but the value of body awareness is useful off the mat too. Many parents note that their kids’ performance in other sports and activities becomes improving as they train BJJ, and it’s no coincidence.


They Learn the Value of Disclipine

Nobody is getting their knuckles whacked with a ruler. We’re talking about personal discipline — the kind that makes it possible for energetic kids, even young ones, to be still, pay attention, and then practice. To be successful in BJJ, you have to pay attention. Focusing on what you need to do builds disclipline, and again, that’s a skill useful off the mat. Kids with personal discipline tend to do better in school and relationships.

They Build Confidence

There’s something to be said for learning a new skill and practicing it with a cooperative partner. But BJJ takes things a step further. At some point, kids practice their new skills with opponents who don’t make it easy. It’s simulating a real-world scenario, encouraging problem solving in the moment, and teaching the value of failing and trying again. The confidence that comes from being in this position can’t be overlooked, especially for kids.

They Get a Regular Workout

The fitness aspect can’t be overlooked. While kids’ classes are obviously going to be structured differently, with more fun and games and general age appropriateness, everyone leaves class ith a good workout behind them.

They Learn the Value of Failure

Martial arts is a journey of mini goals that move you to the bigger goals. And everyone fails along the way. The lesson is in learning from that failure, not giving up, and keeping on. As humans, we grow from this, even if it’s hard (especially because it’s hard!). For kids, learning to pick themselves up again and put in the work is truly invaluable.

They Learn Self-Defense

Obviously, there is a self-defense element here that can’t be overlooked. Kids are learning techniques to submit an opponent, which puts them in a pretty good position on the schoolyard if things ever get hairy. The confidence alone is often a deterrent to would-be bullies.

The Takeaway

There are many, many benefits for kids in the world of BJJ. But the school and the instructor are huge factors in kids thriving in this activity. If this is something you’re considering for your kids, we invite you to meet our team, learn our philosophy, and tour our temporary school (new home is being built as you read this!). Contact us today to get started.

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