For Kids, BJJ is About Way More than Self Defense

If you search for anything relating to BJJ for kids, you’ll get a million hits relating to making them “bully proof.” And sure, learning self-defense skills are a selling point. But the real reason training BJJ makes kids less likely to become victims of the schoolyard bully isn’t because they know how to do an […]

Four Reasons BJJ Classes are a Great Christmas Gift for Kids

Christmas gifts for kids are easy – toys, toys, and more toys. But if you’ve ever off-loaded stacks of barely-used gifts just a few months after the holidays, you may be wondering if there’s a better way. And good news — there is. There’s something to be said for gifting experiences instead of another toy […]

This Will Make or Break Your Child’s Experience in BJJ

As Brazilian jiu jitsu continues to grow in popularity, it’s getting on the radar of more parents. Here at Guerrilla BJJ in Reno, we’re seeing it happen firsthand – and we think it’s great. We want every kid to experience the many benefits of a martial art like BJJ, so before you sign up at […]

BJJ Belt Ranks for Kids – A Quick Lesson from Guerrilla BJJ

For parents of kids training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the ranking system can be a little confusing. That’s particularly true if they’ve dabbled in other martial arts, and they’re comparing one ranking system to another. Here at Guerrilla BJJ in Reno, we follow the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) graduation system. Here’s how it works. ibjjf graduation system […]

The Guerrilla Approach to BJJ in Reno

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for Brazilian jiu jitsu – for yourself, your child, or your sulky teenager – we think that’s a great idea. We’ve shared tips before to help you find the right school for you, but today we’re just going to cut to the chase. The Guerrilla approach to BJJ […]

Can My Child Start BJJ?

There are lots of martial arts schools here in Reno offering a lot of different martial arts disciplines. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or BJJ, is gaining in popularity, especially for kids, and here at Guerrilla BJJ, we’re getting more and more parents asking, “can my child start BJJ?” And almost every time, the answer is, absolutely! Here’s […]