Winter is a Great Time to Start Kids in BJJ


The holidays are over, and it’s freezing and snowy outside. For parents and their energetic kids, this can be a tough time of year. Outdoor sports aren’t really an option for non-skiing families, and the default for many people is (too much) screen time. But you don’t have to wait for spring sports to get your kids moving. Allow us to make a suggestion. Brazilian jiu-jitsu! Whether or not you’ve mulled it as an option for your kids, winter is a great time to get them started. Here’s why.

We Train Indoors

Let’s just get the obvious benefit out of the way first. BJJ is an indoor activity, so it doesn’t matter what’s going on outside. When you sign up your kids here at Guerrilla BJJ in Reno, they’ll have access to structured, age-appropriate classes several times a week, no matter what the weather’s doing. We don’t need to go over all the benefits of regular exercise, so let’s just hit the highlights. For kids, consistent physical activity improves focus, sleep quality, concentration, helps build strong bones and muscles, controls weight, reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, strengthens the heart, and helps minimize risks of health conditions like heart disease and cancer. It’s important, and too many kids aren’t getting recommended levels of activity. Signing up for BJJ classes can be the incentive parents need to get their kids moving.

Structure & Expectations

Like adults, kids do well with routines. Humans are creatures of habit, after all. A child in the habit of going to school and then coming home to spend the next six hours on a device will do well to build a new habit. Maybe a few times a week, instead of going home to stare at a screen, your child goes to Guerrilla BJJ classes at Freestyle Martial Arts in Reno for an engaging, challenging, entertaining, and entirely age-appropriate good time that also burns a bunch of calories, promotes discipline, builds flexibility and body awareness, and builds the mind at the same time. Good plan, right?

Why Guerrilla BJJ?

As the only Guerrilla school in Reno, our curriculum reflects a specific philosophy. Dave Camarillo combined elements of Judo and BJJ to create his own hybrid system, and the emphasis is on a holistic approach to learning the fundamentals of the sport. Our instructors are black belts who focus on teaching self defense and how to navigate the issue of bullying with verbal and physical de-escalation techniques designed to bring an immediate halt to any bullying scenarios. But BJJ has so many benefits beyond self defense.

Our classes for kids and teens are co-ed and structured for maximum engagement, with an appropriate and entertaining blend of drills and games. Classes are carefully designed to reinforce learned techniques and encourage cooperation. They include a mix of demonstrations, drilling, games, and live rolling, with an emphasis on safety and supervision. The 45 minute class time is long enough time to work up a good sweat, without becoming boring for the younger kids. It’s the sweet spot, really.

Now, if you’re worrying that your child has zero experience with this sort of activity or doesn’t have the attention span or isn’t athletic enough, good news. No experience is necessary to start BJJ, and everyone is welcome. Trying new things can be a little intimidating for parents and kids alike, which is why we invite you both to sit in on a class. You can the instructors, tour the school, and see what BJJ is all about. For most parents, the best BJJ class for their kids is all about finding the right environment, experienced instruction, and coordinating logistics like class time and location. We understand completely, and we hope you’ll contact us today for more information about our program. Winter really is a great time to start kids in BJJ, so let’s make it happen.

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