The Best BJJ Classes for Kids In Reno

It’s summer! And while the kids may be delirious with their own freedom, you may be desperate for a little structure. If BJJ has ever crossed your mind as an option for your kids — and even if it hasn’t — now is a great time to get them started. And since so much of the experience comes down to the quality of instruction, we’ll get right to the point with the best BJJ classes for kids in Reno.

Guerrilla BJJ at Freestyle Martial Arts in Reno

As a Guerrilla school — the only Guerrilla school in Reno — our curriculum reflects a specific philosophy. Dave Camarillo combined elements of Judo and BJJ to create his own hybrid system, which emphasizes a holistic approach to learning the fundamentals of the sport. Our instructors are black belts with a focus on teaching self defense and how to navigate the issue of bullying with verbal and physical de-escalation techniques that are designed to bring an immediate halt to any bullying scenarios.

Our classes for kids and teens are co-ed and structured for maximum engagement, with an appropriate, entertaining blend of drills and games that reinforce learned techniques and encourage cooperation. Classes are 45 minutes long, which is just enough time to work up a good sweat but not so long that the younger kids start getting restless, and offered three evenings per week at our brand new facility in northwest Reno.


Our classes incorporate demonstrations, drilling, games, and live rolling in a safe, supervised environment. No experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome. We understand that trying new things can be a little intimidating, and we invite you and your child to sit in on a class, meet the instructors, tour the school, and see what BJJ is all about. For most parents, the best BJJ class for their kids comes down to the right environment, experienced instruction, and logistics like class time and location. We get it! Contact us today for more information about our program, and let’s see if our BJJ classes are the best option for your child.

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