5 Things to Consider as You Choose a BJJ Gym

Google “jiu jitsu classes Reno” and you’ll have a good dozen or more options. And while it’s awesome to have choices, it also means you probably need to do a little homework to find one which gym is the best option for you or your kid. Good news! We’ve got you covered with these five things to consider as you choose a BJJ school.

The Instructors

First things first — how experienced are the instructors? Are black belts running the show? Do they compete, and how successful are they if they do? Depending on your goals with BJJ, that may or may not make a difference. Still, you want to be involved with a program that has experienced instructors who know what they’re doing. So make a point of asking about that experience.

If you’re exploring BJJ schools for your children, ask specifically about the instructors running the youth programs.

The Students

Does the school offer program for adults and kids? Again, that may or may not be an issue, depending on needs. But either way, take a good look at the students in class. How many people are there? Are there any women? How’s the general dynamic between instructors and students? What about between the students themselves? Think about what matters to you in this environment, and whether you’re seeing that represented on the mat in a given school.

The Price Tag

Membership fees can run a pretty big gamut, so a little research here is a good idea. Call a few schools and ask for prices and what that includes in terms of the facility, the class schedule, and the quality of instruction. Ask about belt fees and promotions, whether seminars are a required additional cost, and if a specific school uniform is needed so you have an idea of the full cost.

The Facility

You’re going to spending a lot of time here, so look at the school with a critical eye. It doesn’t necessarily need to be brand new, but it should absolutely be clean and well organized. Do staff members and instructors seem happy? Are the students excited to be there? If a school isn’t maintained to basic standards or you’re getting a weird vibe, trust us when we say there are far better schools out there.

The Introductory Offer

Yes, there should be some sort of way for you to feel a place out without signing a contract. It doesn’t have to be much, but ask about introductory offers like a free class. At the very least, you should be invited to sit in on a class or two so you can get a sense of the instructor and the students. If you think you’ll fit right in, that’s a great sign!

The Takeaway

Guerrilla BJJ here in Reno ticks quite a few boxes when it comes to great BJJ schools — black belt instructors, excellent programs for kids and adults, brand new facility, and yes, a great introductory offer. Consider this your personal invitation to come in, check out a class, ask questions, and decide if Guerrilla BJJ has what you’re looking for. If you’re like a lot of people, we think you’ll find that it is.

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