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guerrilla-jiu-jitsu-renoLet’s say you’re ready to start BJJ. Here in Reno, you have a few options. But what sets one BJJ school apart from the others? Is there a “wrong” school for you to begin your BJJ training? That all depends on your expectations. Your best bet is ask for referrals and do a little online research. Find a few schools that appeal to you, and then make a point of dropping in to check things out. While you’re there, take note of the following – three keys to finding the right BJJ school.

class dynamics tell all

Most BJJ schools will let you sit in on a class (pro tip – take a hard pass if an instructor seems thrown by a suggestion like this). It’s a great way to immediately pick up on the dynamic between the instructor and students, and even within the student group.

While you’re observing class, pay close attention. This is what you’re looking for.

  1. Does the instructor participate in class? Is he or she consistently on the move, engaging with students and correcting mistakes? This is critical. It’s during drilling that students need the most attention, simply because that’s when they’ll have the most questions. The instructor should be circling the mat and providing feedback when needed, without overwhelming the student with too much information.
  2.  Does the instructor roll with their students? Just watching a student perform a technique is not enough. The instructor should be actively training with their students so they can provide in-depth feedback on technique and strategy.
  3. Are the other students helpful? BJJ is a contact sport and while there is a competitive element, it should never come at the expense of helping others when needed. Other students should welcome the chance to help you before or after a drilling/rolling session. After all, they were in your shoes once.

starting bjj

The hardest part of anything new is just getting started. At Guerrilla BJJ in Reno, we welcome students of all ages, genders and abilities. If you want to roll, we want to roll with you. We foster a welcoming, safe and instructive environment, and if that’s the kind of school you’re looking for, come and check it out in person. Have a look at our schedule, check out our getting started offer, and get the hardest part (the first part) over with, already.

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