If You’re Starting BJJ in Reno, Start at Guerrilla

guerrilla-bjj-renoThe Reno BJJ scene got a little kick in the pants last week with the Fight to Win Pro 60 at the Grand Sierra Resort. It was an amazing event with lots of talented athletes (ahem, our own Coach Andrew won his match by toe hold), and it got more than a few people interested in learning more about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If the latter applies to you, we want to take the opportunity to share why you should right here at Guerrilla BJJ. Here are three reasons Guerrilla BJJ in Reno is probably right for you.

A different approach

The instructors here at Guerrilla have a different approach to BJJ in that they incorporate elements of both wrestling and Judo for more of a holistic approach to the sport. It means we can spread the focus to both sport and combatives (self-defense) so that our students develop in a well-rounded manner, trained for both competitive and real-world scenarios.

Guerrilla BJJ in Reno is part of Freestyle Martial Arts Academy. And that means we have access to a beautiful facility with ample space for lots of classes (including the addition of a new kids’ class Saturdays at 9:30 am and adult combative on Wednesdays at 5 pm). Our schedule allows for classes designed for children, teens and adults.

quality of instruction

Our instructors are highly skilled, yes, but beyond that, they have the absolutely necessary ability to share their expertise in a manner that’s both useful and clear. What good is the best BJJ instructor in the world if they aren’t able to articulate their methodology?

Even better, our Guerrilla instructors are skilled at tailoring their teaching approach to their audience. With beginners, our instructors focus primarily on developing a core skill set, which is of course managed age appropriately. Experienced practitioner can expect trouble shooting, skill refinement and the introduction of threaded systems.

we roll with everyone

Accessibility is one of the tenets of Guerrilla BJJ, and that’s upheld here. It means we welcome everyone to the mat, and that everyone who walks in our door is made to feel welcome and encouraged.

that includes you

We’ve written before about how to find the right BJJ school. Here’s the quick version – come and see for yourself. Check the schedule and come watch a class. Meet the instructors, have a look around the school, and get a sense about whether Guerrilla is right for you and your family. If so, our getting started offer is a great place to begin.

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