The Guerrilla Approach to BJJ in Reno

guerrilla-bjj-renoIf you’ve been thinking about signing up for Brazilian jiu jitsu – for yourself, your child, or your sulky teenager – we think that’s a great idea. We’ve shared tips before to help you find the right school for you, but today we’re just going to cut to the chase. The Guerrilla approach to BJJ here in Reno is probably a great option. Here’s why.

a holistic approach

The instructors here at Guerrilla, part of Freestyle Martial Arts Academy in Reno, have a holistic approach to BJJ. Students are taught elements of wrestling and Judo, which means a focus on both sport and combatives (self-defense). The benefit to this approach is student development in the most well-rounded way. You’ll be training for both competitive and real-world scenarios.

As part of Freestyle Martial Arts Academy, BJJ students have access to a great facility with ample space to accommodate a mix of classes for children, teens, and adults.

high quality instruction

Since the world’s best BJJ instructor is no benefit to anyone if he or she can’t share their methodology in a meaningful way, it’s clear that there’s more to instruction than just skill. Our instructors tailor their teaching approach to their audience, which is a necessity for teaching both kids and adults.

With beginners of any age, our instructors focus on developing an age-appropriate skill set. Experienced BJJ practitioners can expect our instructors to trouble shoot, refine skills, and introduce threaded systems.

accessible & inclusive

Accessibility is one of the tenets of Guerrilla BJJ, and that simply means we welcome everyone to the mat. If you come to roll, you’ll be welcomed and encouraged, and that’s true no matter your age, gender, or ability.

see for yourself

The best way to decide is with a visit. You can meet the instructors, sit in on a class, and decide whether Guerrilla is right for you and your family. If so, we welcome you to check out our getting started offer.

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