Do I Need to be in Shape to Start BJJ?

guerrilla-bjj-reno-out-of-shape-for-bjjBrazilian jiu jitsu is a physically challenging grappling art, which means it stands to reason that you can only do it if you’re at your physical peak. Right? Wrong! If you’re interested in getting started with BJJ,¬†but worry that you can’t start until you get into better shape, think again.

Get started as you are

Starting something new is always daunting. Even if you’re hitting the gym regularly, changing up your fitness game is going to challenge you differently. Newcomers to BJJ, no matter how fit they are, often find that the combination of compound movements and an opponent are incredibly tiring right out of the gate. The same is true when you aren’t fit.

But guess what? It doesn’t matter.

Sure, you’ll spend the first few weeks of training gasping for air and dealing with muscle fatigue and tenderness. But one of the best ways to get in shape for BJJ is by doing BJJ. And with regular training, you’ll start improving endurance, losing body fat, and building muscle, and you’ll slowly notice that you aren’t as sore as you once were. Plus, here’s the good news – no one is expecting you to push yourself so hard that you literally pass out. Yes, you should be working hard, but within reason. If you need a break, take a break.

habits beget habits

It’s a natural tendency to start making changes that will optimize your BJJ training. Usually, that means paying more attention to nutrition and getting more sleep – all the better to lose weight, build muscle, and recover properly in between training sessions.

still not convinced?

At Guerrilla BJJ here in Reno, we’re proud to offer a highly unique experience that means you can absolutely roll with us, no matter how out of shape you may be. In the fitness world, functional training is truly where it’s at – the best way to blast the core, legs, back and arms in the most efficient way possible. That’s what you can expect in a Guerrilla BJJ class, with the awesome bonus of learning valuable self-defense skills.

Bottom line? Don’t worry about being in shape before your first class. If you keep showing up, we promise, you’ll get there.

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