Three Great Reasons Women Benefit from BJJ (Beyond Self Defense)

When a woman is considering starting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, she’s bound to hear that it’s a great way to “learn how to defend yourself.” Sure, that’s true, but there’s so much more to it than just self defense. Here are three great reasons that women benefit from BJJ. size doesn’t matter One of the most satisfying aspects of […]

Think You Can’t Do BJJ? Think Again.

If you’ve ever secretly found yourself thinking about starting Brazilian jiu jitsu, but worry that you aren’t fit enough, fast enough, or anything enough, this post is for you. It was Dave Camarillo who said, “Train with everyone,” and that’s exactly what we do here at the Guerrilla school at Freestyle Martial Arts in Reno. We […]

3 Reasons BJJ is Ideal for the Non-Athletic Child

We all have our strengths, and sometimes athleticism just isn’t one of them. Still, physical activity is important for everyone, and that’s particularly true for adolescents (especially in this digital world). Kids who lack an athletic side may miss out on the benefits sports can bring, like physical health, team camaraderie and improved self-confidence. And in […]

BJJ In Your 40s – The Real Deal from a Guerrilla BJJ Member in Reno

This is part two in a two-part series proving that when it comes to starting BJJ, age ain’t nothing but a number. Check out part one here. We get a lot of questions about starting Brazilian jiu jitsu later in life – and by that we mean not as a child, a teen or in your 20s. […]

Starting BJJ in Your 40s? You’re in Good Company – Guerrilla BJJ Reno

This is part one in a two-part series proving that when it comes to starting BJJ, age ain’t nothing but a number. We could tell you all day long that age is no deterrent to starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. But why take it from us? We pulled one of our members off the mats long […]

The Best Way to Roll – BJJ Tips from Guerrilla in Reno

When it comes to Brazilian jiu jitsu, different people have different rolling philosophies. Some prefer going fast and hard because diving right in is a good way to learn. Others believe in playing things more moderately, avoiding injury at all costs. And still others think there’s a happy medium somewhere in the middle, splitting the line […]

Six Reasons Your Age Doesn’t Matter in BJJ – Guerrilla BJJ Reno

Age ain’t nothing but a number, and while that may be up for discussion when you’re dating someone, it’s certainly true in the BJJ world. Google “am I too old for BJJ?” and you’ll get more than one million hits in three quarters of a second. And all of them offer a variation on the same […]

Three Things to Know Before You Start BJJ

As Brazilian jiu jitsu continues its rise in popularity, this sport is on more radars than ever. More and more people are showing interest in getting started, and at Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu in the Freestyle Martial Arts Academy here in Reno, we’re welcoming them all. To help you understand a little more about what you […]

The Surprising Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

On the surface, the benefits of practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seem obvious. There are the philosophical components – learning and living respect, showing compassion and honor, being goal-oriented, all rooted in martial arts as a whole – and then there are the physical perks, like improved speed, agility, flexibility and strength. But it’s the less obvious benefits […]