Do I Need to Be in Shape to Start BJJ?

Adults interested in starting BJJ tend to have questions, and chief among them relates to whether they’re physically fit enough to start or if it makes more sense to lose weight first. It’s a good question with an easy answer. Just come as you are. Getting In Shape is a Perk Among the many benefits […]

How Long Does it Take to Learn the Basics of BJJ?

If you’ve searched anything relating to timeframes for learning the basics of BJJ, we’d bet you’re an adult picking up the sport for the first time. Kids tend to have the luxury of trying things for fun, without worrying about when they’re going to improve. But we get it! And while there’s no hard and […]

Here’s What to Expect at Your First BJJ Class

You’re checking out your very first BJJ class, and that’s so awesome. But if you haven’t already toured the facility or meet the instructors, you may be wondering what exactly you’re in for. While things vary somewhat depending on where exactly you go, we’re hitting the highlights of what to expect at your first BJJ […]

BJJ Belt Ranks for Kids – A Quick Lesson from Guerrilla BJJ

For parents of kids training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the ranking system can be a little confusing. That’s particularly true if they’ve dabbled in other martial arts, and they’re comparing one ranking system to another. Here at Guerrilla BJJ in Reno, we follow the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) graduation system. Here’s how it works. ibjjf graduation system […]

21 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Choosing a BJJ School

After visiting websites and reading online reviews, you’ve found a few BJJ schools in Reno that are worth checking out. That’s an important step – to really understand a school’s dynamics, you absolutely need to see them in person. So after you’ve seen the schedule, picked a class time and made plans to show up […]

The Best Way to Roll – BJJ Tips from Guerrilla in Reno

When it comes to Brazilian jiu jitsu, different people have different rolling philosophies. Some prefer going fast and hard because diving right in is a good way to learn. Others believe in playing things more moderately, avoiding injury at all costs. And still others think there’s a happy medium somewhere in the middle, splitting the line […]