What Makes Guerrilla BJJ Different?

You’ve made the decision to sign up for Brazilian jiu jitsu – awesome! Step two is figuring out how you’re going to make this happen, or more specifically, where. We’ve shared tips before to help you find the right school for you and we recommend taking them to heart. BJJ schools aren’t created equal, and there’s a lot of variation in philosophy and instruction depending on where you go. We can’t speak for other schools, but we’re eminently qualified to tell you everything that makes Guerrilla BJJ different.


The instructors here at Guerrilla, part of Freestyle Martial Arts Academy in Reno, take a very well-rounded approach to teaching BJJ. Our students learn elements of both wrestling and Judo, so the focus is split between sport and combatives, or self-defense. Why does that matter? Simply because your training covers both competitive and real-world scenarios. That’s what we mean by well-rounded.


There’s so much more to good instruction than someone with a black belt. Skill and experience are, obviously, critical, but so is the ability to share meaningful direction. At Guerrilla, our instructors have honed their skill set not only as practitioners themselves, but as effective teachers.

By necessity, the way you approach a class changes when you’re looking out over a room full of kids or adults. Still, beginners at any age can expect lessons and directions that develop age-appropriate skills. More experienced BJJ practitioners will benefit from troubleshooting, refinement, and the introduction or development of threaded systems.


One of the tenets of Guerrilla BJJ is accessibility. In other words, if you want to roll, you’re welcome here, and we’ll do our best to support and encourage you, regardless of agegender, or ability. Our members and guests enjoy access to the brand new Freestyle Martial Academy facility, so there’s ample space to roll and learn and refine.

We offer classes for kids and adults, and again, instruction is always tailored to our students.


Before signing anything, make a point of touring a few different schools. Watch some classes to get a feel for the instructor-student dynamic, and try to decide if you can picture yourself in class. Consider this your personal invitation to visit Guerrilla, meet our instructors, tour the school, and get a feel for what makes our approach different. If it feels right — and we hope it does — you can check out our getting started offer.

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