4 Ways BJJ Helps Relieve Stress

Ahh, the holiday season is upon us. Whether you get starry-eyed at all the magic or your inner introvert starts prematurely panicking, this is undeniably a stressful time of year. From the socializing to the spending, the food to the family time, there’s a lot going on. Fortunately for BJJ practitioners, their activity of choice is a natural stress buster. And good news for anyone ready to jump in — these happy effects kick in right away. Here are 4 ways BJJ helps relieve stress.

It Releases Endorphins

Okay, technically, physical activity in general releases endorphins, i.e. the feel-good hormones, so this isn’t specific to BJJ. But if you’re rolling regularly, you’re benefiting from a pretty steady stream of these chemicals, and that’s important. These happy little chemicals are released to relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve mood — exactly what you want over the holidays and beyond.

It Forces You to Focus on the Present

Overthinking is a byproduct and contributor to chronic stress — that endless cycle of worry when you just can’t shut down your brain. That’s why mindfulness techniques are recommended for stress management. The beauty of training BJJ is that it demands your complete attention the second you step on the mat, pushing away other thoughts and concerns. Instead, you’re in the moment, focusing on the tasks at hand. And when class is over, and you’re drenched in sweat and the glow of those endorphins, you may find you have a new perspective on all the things that were so worrisome before.

It Teaches the Value of Patience

Stressing over things beyond our control is typical, and BJJ helps there too. While there is a big goal dangling way in the future, training BJJ is a marathon, not a sprint. The reward comes from the hard work and the patience you need to see it through. And learning how to be patient is a skill you can apply to other areas of your life as well, which may help knock down some of those stress triggers.

It Gives You the Benefit of Community

Support goes a long way when you’re feeling stress. Just knowing you aren’t alone can make a big difference. And here at Guerrilla BJJ and Freestyle Martial Arts in Reno, community is king. If you’re ready to start training BJJ, we’re ready for you. Get started now. And hey, enjoy the stress relief!

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