There are More Benefits to BJJ than Self-Defense Skills

guerrilla-bjj-women-bjj-renoOne of the standard reasons for starting Brazilian jiu jitsu is learning self-defense skills. And while that’s certainly true, that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. It’s easy to reason out a few of the perks of BJJ – you’ll get faster and stronger and more agile – but some of the most important benefits aren’t quite as obvious.

The Mental game

Improve mental strength and clarity – And if you think that sounds corny, think again. BJJ known as the gentle art, but all of that gentleness is the product of a keen mind. Mental focus is an asset in this game, and it’s something you begin honing right from the start. Watching a technique, taking note of its elements, and then figuring out how to put the whole thing into practice is something that doesn’t come as simply as it sounds, and it’s that struggle that builds mental strength and clarity.

Practice being present – Another big ol’ mental benefit? The gift of being present. Between cell phones and media messages everywhere you look – not to mention work, kids, hobbies, all of it – it’s easy to find your mind on a constant loop. In BJJ, you have to focus – it’s just part of the experience. And when you’re focusing on the task at hand, whatever’s going on in the rest of your life just temporarily falls away. It’s the equivalent of a mental breather, and those are important.

beyond self defense

Better health – Yes, learning how to effectively defend yourself is important, but a happy side effect of all that learning is better health. And that comes in the form of more flexibility, endurance, strength, weight loss, all kinds of good stuff.

Body awareness – When you start paying attention to what your body can do, you start noticing it in other ways too. Suddenly, you’re hyper aware of your terrible posture, or how you feel after slumping over a desk for eight hours. And that’s when you can start to address those situations. When you become more aware of your body – and in BJJ, you will – you’re opening the door to more strength and mobility.

So What Now?

Hey, if self-defense skills are what get you through the door, that’s great. But there are so many other benefits to starting Brazilian jiu jitsu. If you’re in Reno, we invite you to visit Guerrilla BJJ and see for yourself.



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