3 Reasons BJJ is Ideal for Teenagers

We spend a lot of time writing about the benefits of BJJ for kids — even young kids — and adults. But teens fall into a category of their own, and it makes them uniquely positioned to benefit from this particular activity. Here are three reasons BJJ is ideal for teenagers. Yeah, even the moody ones.

They’re Old Enough to Start Understanding Things

With younger kids, it’s more of a “monkey see, monkey do” scenario, where the kids copy the instructor’s movements. But whether or not they grasp the mental game or the strategy behind the technique is anyone’s guess. Teenagers are more likely to start understanding this element of the game, and that can be, well, a game changer. It’s rewarding to understand a concept and then turn theory into action, especially for teenagers.

They Need the Confidence Boost

The teenage years are a trying time filled with rapid changes. This is a time when the opinions of peers carry a lot of weight, and even the most outwardly confident kid can be easily rattled. The point is, teenagers in general will always benefit from a confidence boost. And training in BJJ tends to do the trick. Knowing that you can handle yourself in those school hallways can contribute to the sort of quiet confidence that automatically deters bully. It’s a good kind of energy, the kind that says so much before a kid even opens their mouth.

They’ll Love the Physical Benefits

Getting kids to exercise for the sake of exercise can be an exercise in frustration. But teens who roll are getting a full-body workout almost by default. Sure, BJJ is physically demanding, but the focus tends to be on learning specific skills and techniques and getting better — not about simply getting a workout. And since consistency is key, your teen will be working up a good sweat at least a few times a week. That’s great for keeping growing bodies strong and healthy.

Another benefit of BJJ? Your teen doesn’t need to be an athlete to start. Unlike team sports that can be filled with pressure, this is an activity based on strategy, not natural ability. Of course, the best way to get started is just to get started. Your teen will thank you.

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