If I Start BJJ, Do I Have to Compete?

This is a great question! And if the thought of a future competition is keeping you from stepping foot on the mat, rest easy, because competition is not a requirement of participation at Guerrilla BJJ here in Reno. But we’re going to go ahead and say it — you want find that one day you actually want to compete. Yes, really! Here’s why.

You’ll Get Bitten by the Competition Bug

Many of us are naturally competitive, and if you’ve never put yourself in a position to test that out, you might not even realize it. But start rolling, and you may find that you’re challenged in the very best way by your classmates. You may even pick up on this innate truth about yourself in your very first BJJ class.

If you’re a bundle of nerves, high on adrenaline, exhibiting behavior like short, quick breathing, a blank mind, clumsiness, or straight-up exhaustion, you’re experiencing the fight-or-flight response. But once class ends and, yeah, okay, you’re still feeling shaky, but you might find yourself overcome with a feeling of tremendous elation and motivation for what’s to come. That’s what it likes to come out the other side of a huge adrenaline dump. It lights a fire, and friendly competition is what stokes it.

Rolling is addictive for many of us in the very best sense, and a lot of that has to do with the community. That’s why choosing the right school is so important.

It’ll Bring Your Goals into Sharp Focus

When you have a hard and fast deadline, your goals suddenly become crystal clear. That tends to have a sharpening effect on your focus, your commitment, your discipline, all that good stuff. And because going into competition mode isn’t something you do regularly, you’re far more likely to take it very seriously. It’s that whole “you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it” mindset.

You’ll be Exposed to Other Styles & Techniques

In a competition, you’re exposed to all sorts of styles and techniques that may be brand new to you. Consider it a prime opportunity to expand your personal knowledge and understanding of the range of this sport. And as a student, that’s a good thing.

The Takeaway

If you came here looking for reassurance that you won’t find yourself locked into competing just because you started BJJ, you’ve got it. But we’ll encourage you to keep your options open to the possibility. One day, it could be something you find yourself really wanting to do.

Either way, get started with your BJJ journey at Guerrilla BJJ here in Reno. We’d love to have you!

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