6 Christmas Gifts for the BJJ Lover in Your Life

We’ll admit this post is a little late and if you’re still pondering Christmas gifts on December 21, you’re definitely running out of time. But four days is four days, so let’s get to it! We’re sharing six Christmas gifts for the BJJ lover in your life.

1. New BJJ Gi or Rashguard

You really can’t go wrong with a new gi or a rash guard for no-gi classes, and we can say with near certainty that either one or the other is absolutely on your grappler’s Christmas list. And at Guerrilla BJJ here at Freestyle Martial Arts in Reno, we can help you out!

2. BJJ Mats for Training at Home

Check Amazon for BJJ mats that your grappler can use at home. There are multiple sizes and set ups, including options that piece together like puzzles or roll out in one sheet, so consider where this will likely be used to zero in on the best option in terms of size and portability.

3. Foam Roller

Training can be hard on the body, and recovery is a key element in BJJ. Foam rollers are an excellent method for working out kinks, and there are virtually endless options. From size to shape to texture, you can find a foam roller that will give your grappler’s body the TLC it needs so they can get right back on the mat. Hit up Amazon or head to a local fitness store to snag one (or two!).

4. Grip Strengthener

Grip strength is something that comes up a lot in BJJ, which make a grip-strengthening tool a thoughtful and useful gift idea. Better grip means better control on the mat, and a hand-held grip strengthener is a portable tool that can go anywhere with your grappler to slowly but surely strengthen that grip. Again, you can pick one of these up online (get the fastest shipping so it’ll be here for Christmas!) or head to a local fitness store.

5. BJJ Personal Training

One-on-one training is always valuable, and even a few sessions can make a big difference in someone’s understanding. Gifting your BJJ lover with a personal training package gives them the opportunity to work one-on-one with their professor to improve specific aspects of their technique. Rates and sessions will vary, but we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about what’s involved in setting up BJJ personal training here at Guerrilla. Just contact us directly to get started.

6. School Membership

If your BJJ lover admires the sport from afar, go big with a Guerrilla BJJ membership. It will open the door to the kind of regular training that turns an admirer into a practitioner, and the benefits will extend far beyond the holiday season. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. Check out what sets Guerrilla apart and contact us today to learn more.

If you’re really struggling, swing by Guerrilla BJJ at Freestyle Martial Arts in Reno. We can make the perfect Christmas gift recommendation for the BJJ lover in your life.

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